Friday, July 11, 2008


July has been awesome so far:

On the 3rd I went to the Poison concert and afterwards went to "Club Mint" and "Green Street" Pretty sweet. It was good times.

On the 4th Caden Raquel & I went to a picnic at Salem Pond. Then we watched the Thanksgiving Point fireworks with baby Ashton and the Glodowskis.

On the 12th we decided to go have a midnight jam with our guitars up American Fork Canyon. It was all pretty groovy till a mama bear came out of the bushes and told us we were being too loud for her sleeping kids. I took some cool pictures of embers coming off the campfire.

On the 13th we went to the firework show at Weber State. I got to meet Lead Belly he owned 7 of the cannons that they light off during the 1812 overture. To bad the only cannon I ever had was a potato canon that smelt like french fries every time I lit it off. Thier cannons were really cool I might have to go see them again up at Deer Valley on the 19th.


The Hull Family said...

poison?!!!!! im so jealous, bret michaels is my secret lover! lolol

Brian Steele said...

Funny. They put on a good show. I bet you would have loved it being the little rocker that you are.

Cortney said...

The Poison show rocked!!! Ryan and I saw in in Charlotte NC, Brett Michaels is getting old, CC can rock the guitar!

Like the BLOG! Haven't seen you since you Grandma's funeral forever ago. Do you remember that summer you sent with my was aweful and fun. First and only time we got to be cousins.